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  • San Diego Educational Article of the Month - Snake Repellent and San Diego Snake Removal

Snake Repellent and San Diego Snake Removal

Though California snakes help to eliminate pests and rodents lurking around the homes, they cause so many problems. They eat your food; intrude on your privacy; and above all, bite your loved ones, infecting them with venomous substances. Because of the challenges and demerits posed by snakes, it is pertinent that you removed them from your environments. There are many methods of discouraging or exterminating snakes from your homes, including fencing the yard, leveraging snake traps, and using ultraviolent sounds. Of all these deterrent ways of exterminating snakes, the use of snake repellents appears to be the most controversial.

There are three major methods of repelling snakes. One is the cultural method. The cultural method involves eliminating things that appeal to snake within the immediate surroundings. You can achieve this by mowing tall grasses to a minimal level, covering all holes with stones,and clearing piles of debris within your vicinity. As well as removing these reptiles’ sources of food, you can fence your premises with a ¼ inch-galvanised mesh wire, height of more than 38”, to prevent them from penetrating your yard.

Another method of discouraging snakes from your homes is to use chemical repellents. This type of repellents exists in two forms: solid and liquid. Most of these solid chemical repellents contain sulphur and mothball flakes, substances that irritate snake’s skin. The liquid chemical repellents contain ingredient such as garlic, naphthalene, cinnamon oil, clove oil mixture, amongst others. These repellents are usually sprayed around suspected hideouts that San Diego snakes find appealing. You can also sprinkle them around the gardens and walkways to prevent them from entering your house. The last method is to use an ultraviolent device to dissuade them from sneaking into your yard. This device produces sounds that frighten the snake, consequently deterring them from your premises.

Natural repellents
Mothballs they are good and can provide decent benefit in this regard, but main problem is that their use is not safe because of the associated side effects. In many situations a curious child or pet can consume them when exposed to mothballs and this can cause serious health related complications even the death of the consumer. Therefore the use of this product should be accompanied with great care and hard work.

Sulfur is another great natural agent that can be used for this purpose, but problem is that there are some types of sulfur which are not considered as good for plants and also bring negative effects for the soil so the use of this agent is again controversial.

It has also been found that the litter of cat along with pebbles of very small size are source of annoyance for San Diego snakes. You can use them for driving the animal away from your property in a convincing fashion. The biggest benefit is that no prominent side effects are associated with their use so you are not going to face much trouble with these.

Snakes also don’t like spicy smells and generally the pepper or spicy sauce when mixed with water and sprayed across the house or yard will diverge, snake and it will avoid visiting your property. After rain you will have to reapply these after rains and keep on doing this till you feel the presence of California snakes in the area.

Don’t try to be over smart because it can only bring harm and negative impacts for you. In situations where you notice presence of snakes in surroundings the best and safe approach will always be to call the members of animal control organization as they are skilled and trained so they will handle the job properly.

Despite all the potential benefits of these repellents, their efficacy is questionable. Many of these repellents contain poisonous ingredients such as moth crystals, mothballs, and naphthalene. Undoubtedly, these substances can harm our animals, kids, families, and environments. It is thus advisable to avoid exposure to these hazardous materials, according to The United States Environmental Protection Agency. Worse, most of the snake repellents peddled in the market is ineffective. They cannot even kill insects, let alone repel San Diego snakes. Some charlatans even try to justify the effectiveness of these products, touting their pungent odour. On the contrary, a vast majority of these repellents have little or no effects on snakes. This is because snakes have a unique method of interpreting the perceived smell. Most times, upon discovering the repellents, these sinuous creatures avoid these supposedly useful substances not because the chemicals have any deleterious effect but because they are not a source of food. This shows that many of these repellents are not as useful as many mountebanks want you to believe. Also, the ultraviolent device contributes little to fending off snakes. Though they produce noises that are liable to discomfort any reptile, they scarcely prevent any snakes from loitering within your premises.

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