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  • San Diego Educational Article of the Month - San Diego Skunk Trapping and Removal

San Diego Skunk Trapping and Removal

Skunk Trapping: How To Trap a Skunk - California Skunks we don’t like to have them as pets because of the obvious reasons. They are creatures which are classified as rodents, but majority doesn’t find them cute or appealing. In addition to this, they are disturbing and mostly known for all the wrong reasons. Having skunks in your garden or worse indoors is definitely not a good feeling because they not only create mess, but also stinky fluids, which will make your life miserable and definitely the mood of entire family is spoiled, which is never liked by majority in any case. In majority of situations it has been noticed that skunks are undesirable because of the following four reasons.

  • Skunks like the idea of living under decks or sheds
  • They release bad odor, which will spoil your living style
  • They dig holes in the yard and damage your property
  • They create a lot of mess and pollute the area

Therefore, it is very much important to avoid their presence by using special skunk prevention tips, but if you are late in taking preventions and San Diego skunks have already invaded your property, then you will have to take steps for trapping them so that they can be thrown out of the property. You need to be very active here because delay can only bring further damage so don’t waste time and start using your options now. In this section we will be mentioning some tips that will be useful in answering the question related with Skunk Trapping: How to Trap a Skunk.

Trapping a skunk
People are afraid of trapping skunks because they don’t want to experience the foul smell, which is produced by the animal as a part of its natural self defense. This is definitely a big problem and makes the task of capturing skunk very much challenging. This also highlights the point that you will have to prepare strongly before attempting the act of capturing or trapping skunks. People also prefer to keep these as pets by removing scent glands, but for trapping wild skunks you need to take extra precaution.

Different types of traps
For catching skunks there are two basic types of traps. First trap is capable of killing the animal quickly after capturing it and comes in various forms and shapes. It can be useful in a number of situations, but problem is that it can cause great damage to other animals who are attracted towards the trap because of their ignorance. This problem is more significant with pets such as dogs and cats so you have to be very careful after setting these kinds of traps for skunks. The other type of trap is the one which will catch the skunk and will not kill it and this is normally a form of cage and it used for keeping the animal for desired time period usually till it is released at a safe place. There is a door, which closes once animal enters the trap and can only be closed by the capturer. In case you are facing major problem with a good number of skunks in your area, then requirement will be to brought multiple cages and place them in different parts of your property for capturing skunks because you will have to capture every rodent individually.

Positioning a trap
A trap will only deliver desired results when it will be placed at the right position so it is your job to set it at a proper place, which can be helpful in luring the animal. You need to figure out that how skunk gets into your garden like if it has identified a burrow in your land, then consider placing the trap near point of exit, but again you need to be very much careful and select the point, where there are minimum chances that domestic animals will be attracted towards the trap. The best kind of results can only be obtained by placing traps near the entry points of animals and this will be very much successful for you.

Baiting the trap
Skunks are known as a very good searchers and you can use this quality for your own personal advantage here because different types of foods can be used in the form of bait. Products of meat and cat food can act as great attracting agents. However, it has also been noticed that majority of individuals also get very much successful in trapping these rodents with crust of bread covered with peanut butter also marshmallows can be very much useful here. You can get more information related with bait by visiting a proper store, but in every case be careful and use the right kind of product. Just keep the above mentioned points while trapping San Diego skunks as they will make your job easier and effective.

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