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  • San Diego Educational Article of the Month - San Diego Rat Control and Prevention Tips

San Diego Rat Control and Prevention Tips

Rat Prevention Tips: How to Keep Rats Away - Rats pose an enormous threat to household they invade. California Rat feces carry dreadful bacteria, like salmonella, and an accidental bite could transmit diseases such as rabies or tetanus. In fact, it is required after a household owner is done with the process of removing rats, to perform a special cleaning of any possible feces remains. Rats pose a special threat to children, particularly small children, as it might happen that they attack and bite them.

Once your house becomes invaded by rats, they are not easy to get rid of. In fact, one or two rats can easily turn two five, ten or twenty. It is often said that seeing two rats in the same time, in the same location, could mean up to 100 of them living there. Once rats grow accustomed to living in a particular environment, they will not let it go easily. The rat's nature instructs them to live near people and feed on remains of food people provide. For this reason, prevention as a method of protecting your home against rats is exceptionally important. The first thing you will need to do is to remove any trash and food laying on the open in and out of your house. Even though thorough cleaning won't guarantee that your home will never be attacked by San Diego rats, it will make it less likely for the scent of food to draw them in.

Second, keeping a pet, a cat or a dog, will help to keep the rats under control. You can never be certain that your pet will be able to keep the rats away or hunt them down entirely, but they will, sure, help with sustaining them. The most important method of prevention from rats, still remains home repairing. In fact, your main goal with rat-proofing your home, should be not to leave any gap that is more than 1/2 inches wide. Regardless of the rat's size, it is capable of crawling through stunningly small cracks and holes.

The process of rat prevention should start with proper fencing. Fixing your fences is the first thing you should do. Make sure they are sturdy and screwed properly. Leave no gaps larger than 1/2 inch. Also fix your doors and entryways. Pay special attention to basements and attics. Rats are actually capable of biting through walls, and attics and basements are the places where they will most likely try to enter first.

As a part of rat prevention, numerous repellent remedies are recommended. Some of them sound reasonable while other are borderline humorous. Nevertheless, it would be wise to discuss them and explain why, exactly, they will not be effective.

Ultrasonic sound repellents.
These repellants are supposed to emit high-frequency sounds that will be unbearable to San Diego rats. However, user's experiences have shown that these repellents are quite ineffective. In fact, there are bigger chances of them disturbing your pet(s), than actually driving away rats.

Cleaning your home
There is a common misconception that keeping your household sterile and super- tidy will make it less appealing to rats. Actually, cleaning can contribute to rat prevention, but not to that degree. It can simply lessen the chance that the California rats get attracted by the smell of food. However, it cannot be observed as a valid repellent.

Natural remedies
Ammonia is frequently mentioned as a chemical to use in repelling different pests. Ammonia is supposed to repel rats with their strong scent. However, it hasn't been proven to be effective, at it's an overall a very hazardous ingredient that can cause quite a discomfort, like headaches or even poisoning. Dried herbs. Various dried flowers and herbs are also believed to have repelling qualities on rats. However, this is, by far, a method that is proven to be ineffective.

Results: Why are rat repellents ineffective?
Well, the answer to this question lies in the rat's survival instinct. The truth is, rats are looking to find a place to live near people. This means, that a human is the subject of their interest, not food or shelter. Rats are usually not equipped to hunt on their own. This means that they depend on human food sources to survive. In these conditions, an urge to find shelter and the food is stronger that the unappealing scent of the repellent. Once the rat inhabits an area, it will live in a small, isolated area near the food source. For this reason, all repellents people have creatively designed are not effective. A San Diego rat's survival instinct is simply put, incomparably stronger than any disturbance you may put in front of it. This is the very key reason that the best form of rat prevention is, actually, proper home maintenance.

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