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  • San Diego Educational Article of the Month - Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work?

Will a High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine Work?

The ultrasonic and sonic sound deterrent machines are marketed as a method to drive away wild San Diego animals in a home, attic, yard and others. Though these devices always seem to work at the initial time, there is no backing about their effectiveness in the long run. When it comes to driving away a California rodent, some of them are easily adaptable to things around and even human voices. For that reason, they will only be frightened the first time they hear the sound and afterwards will start to enjoy the sound just like human.

Hint on How Sound Deterrent Machine Work
Base on the information from the producers, sound deterrent machines are made to emit high-frequency sound waves that will enough to frighten and repel wild San Diego animals like squirrels, rat, mice, gophers and others. The high-frequency sound is made to be above human hearing and the manufactures believe that the sound will be enough to annoy rodents and other wild animals and even frighten them to move away from a particular place. The high pitch sound deterrent machine is plugged on the wall outlet and there are also some that run with battery and almost all of them are made with red indicator light.

The Effectiveness of High Pitch Sound Deterrent Machine
Rodents including California rat and mice are known to be easily frightened by unfamiliar or unusual noises. But the problem is that they can easily adjust to the high pitch sound deterrent machine. That simply mean the repelling and deterrent devices that work with high pitch sound will be inefficient in repelling rodent and other wild San Diego animals that come around the home. Therefore, it will be better you save your money and avoid spending it on the devices that will not solve your problem.

The Most Effective Way to Keep Wild San Diego Animals Out Of Your Home and Attic
Needless spending your money on high pitch sound deterrent machine and other repellents that will not work there are ways to solve the problem permanently. One of the ways is to ensure that you make your environment unappealing to the animals to visit. You can simply do this by embarking on thorough sanitation and ensure you remove all food sources away from your home including bird feeds, pet’s foods, nuts, fruits and vegetables, garbage and others.

Trap the Animals and Relocated Them Away From Your Home
Trapping is also another good and effective method of removing wild California animal away from home. You can trap the animals using different kinds of traps including lather trap, live cage trap, snap trap and others. That will help you to ensure lasting solution to your wild San Diego animal infestation.

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