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Escondido Wildlife Removal Pest Animal Trapping

We believe we are Escondido's best. We do a complete job, from start to finish. We remove wildlife humanely and effectively. When we encounter animals inside a house, we inspect every part of the house, from ground to roof, to identify all the areas of entry, and we perform professional repairs, with guarantee. We inspect inside the attic to find any damage, and provide full cleaning services. We offer attic restoration, permanent rodent control, bat colony exclusion, bird prevention, Escondido snake removal, dead animal removal and odor control, and more. We are fully California licensed and insured, and ready to solve your Escondido critter problem. Call us any time for a phone consulation and price quote, at 858-256-7159.

Keeping Raccoons out of your House - Raccoons are very curious and bold animals. Their level of intelligence may not be that high, but they have an uncanny ability to open doors and containers by themselves. Escondido Raccoons are night crawlers, and are very destructive when they invade a home. They normally destroy fields of corn and tear openings into a house just to gain access. Their destructiveness is the main reason why you need to get rid of them. Here are some ways to get rid of raccoons from your house or compound.

Every animal lives where it does because there is easy access to food. So the first step is to take away their source of food. Restrict the access they get to trash-bins, birdfeeders and also other openings like chimneys. This cuts off their supply to food and eventually forces them to shift to another area. In case raccoons have invaded your house to a further extent; “exclusion” is also another effective method you can use to get rid of them. It is pretty simple. Let’s say that the raccoon lives in your chimney. Just wait till nightfall when it has gone to look for food, and then seal off the path it used so it will not have a way to get back in. Alternatively, if the raccoons have infested your farm, you can also surround it with a mild electric fence that electrocutes them every time they try to come back in.

Floodlights are also an effective way of getting rid of raccoons in Escondido wildlife control. Since it may not be appropriate to keep the flood lights on all night, it is advisable to buy ones that are motion-activated. That way, they will always light up on the slightest movement. If the raccoons come and the floodlights light up for a few days, they will eventually shift to another Escondido location since they loathe and fear light. Compared to all the above mentioned methods, use of chemicals is perhaps the most effective of all in most cases. There are many chemical repellants to raccoons but you must choose one that does not have any long-term side effects.

Live cage traps are also another very effective way of dealing with the raccoon menace. The traps will trap these destructive animals while they are alive and you can choose what to do with them once they are captured. For the best results, ensure that the traps are placed on spots where you are sure that raccoons frequent or on one of their main pathways. Using their favorite food as bait is also another way to ensure that you capture a number of them.

Ammonia is one of the few substances that raccoons hate. Although they are destructive, raccoons are very clean animals as demonstrated by their act of cleaning their food before consuming it and also regularly cleaning their nests. If you place a few rags soaked with ammonia on their nests, they will most definitely relocate to another location.

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