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  • San Diego Educational Article of the Month - Killing Chipmunks that are Causing Damages to Your Property

Killing Chipmunks that are Causing Damages to Your Property

If you are suffering from heavy San Diego chipmunk infestation in your home, you need to choose the best way to get rid of them or even to eliminate them. Though, killing chipmunks is not advisable yet, sometime it may be an option for you when you have tried all other preventive measures without success. The interesting thing here is that there are oodles of simple and quick ways of killing chipmunks which you can easily apply without stress. This article is dedicated to provide you with best and most effective way of killing a California chipmunk without stress.

Kill Chipmunks with Trap
There are different types and forms of animal traps which you can use to kill San Diego chipmunk if their presence start causing damages to you. You can easily use sun seeds or peanut as bait to lure chipmunks to get into your trap. But, before deciding to kill chipmunks using traps, you have to first of all consider animal control regulation in your municipality so as to avoid getting yourself into trouble. You can allow California chipmunks to die in your trap but that is inhumane way of killing or and can cause pollution in the environment.

Lure Chipmunks to Drawn In a Bucket Filled With Water
If killing San Diego chipmunks turns out to be your priority, you can easily do that with a bucket half filled with water. All you have to do is to lean a wooden plank against a bucket half-filled with water outside your home. Spread sunflower seeds around the areas and on the wooden plank as well as inside the water. Chipmunks will be attracted to take the sunflower seed inside the water you poured in the bucket and they will fall in the water and got drawn.

Use Mousetrap to Kill Chipmunks in Your House
Your mousetrap is not only built for killing of California mouse in your home but also for getting rid of chipmunks. So, you have to scatter mixture of peanut butter and oatmeal on the mousetrap and place the trap outside or on the path where chipmunks travel often. The peanut butter scattered on the trap will serve as bait which will lure chipmunks to get into the trap and die.

Kill Chipmunks with Poison
Just as you can kill mouse disturbing your home with poison the same way you can kill San Diego chipmunks. For that reason, you have to spread the poison on the nuts or seeds you know the animals love to eat and place on the area you observed their activity most. But, you should know that killing chipmunks with poison is not eco-friendly and not humane way of getting rid of them.

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