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  • San Diego Educational Article of the Month - San Diego Bat Removal - How to kill a bat

San Diego Bat Removal - How to kill a bat

We do not kill bats. We humanely exclude them, without killing a single one. This is not only the only legal way to do it, it's the most effective! We install one-way exclusion devices to allow the bats to exit, but not re-enter. We completely bat-proof your house, with guarantee, so that no more bats will ever be able to enter.

There are lots of ignorant people who think that the only way of getting rid of bats is by killing them. What they fail to understand is that killing the San Diego bats using poison or fumigants is not that easy. The reason is that there are no such things that are not designed to kill the bats. You also have to know that it is very illegal to take away the life of wild animals because it is against the law.

There are reasons why it is not advisable to use the poison and the fumigants. Many people will use rat poison but it is unlikely to work because bats usually feed on insects that fly. You will therefore required to poison the flying insects and this will end up killing them and all your efforts will go in vain.

In other instances you may be tempted to use the arsenic or any other poison with the faith that they will feed on them. With their high sense of smell, California bats are unlikely to feed on them and all the efforts will go to waste. If you want to kill the bats you will have to make them ingest the poison into their system.

Here are some of the poison and fumigants that people use to kill the bats which are very unfair:

Bat Spray
There are sprays that are likely the bats and they include the DDT spray. The spray is very extensive and vicious in that the results are felt instantly. When sprayed on to the bats, they are usually suffocated and die at that very moment. It is not worth it to kill the bats and it is advisable to avoid the aerosol because it is very poisonous.

It is also another spray that is very effective because of the poison that is has. It is designed in such that it drains all the blood in the body of the bat and this result to its death. The spray is also fatal to humans and a lot of care has to be undertaken when using it. The right thing to do is to completely avoid it because its results are not worth taking the risk of using it.

Vikane spray
The main content of this spray is vikane gas that is very fatal to San Diego bats and other animals. The gas spreads quickly into the environment killing most of the living animals once it is inhaled. Why risk other animals in the name of killing a single bat? It is better if you use other alternatives other than this poisonous gas.

There are other pesticides that can harm the bats leading to their death. There are usually effective to the bats that are found outside the house. They will inhale the gas which will result into them perishing. The disadvantage of using the pesticides is that at some point they may back fire on the animals that you never intended to be affected. In addition killing the bats can never be a permanent solution because others are likely to be born and they will still exist.

Homemade remedies
To some people it might be very expensive to buy the poison and other fumigants and they will resolve into simple methods that are not that perfect. People may resolve into using cinnamon, pepper mint and human hair or urine that will kill the California bats. In some instances they will make traps that are very lethal; glue stuck on the board. Once the bats are trapped here it will b very impossible for them to free themselves and because of hunger and other adverse conditions they will end up dying.

It is therefore better to prevent disaster from occurring and the safest way to do this is to avoid killing bats and use methods that are more safe and sure. It is effective to get rid of a problem by not hurting the problem because it is likely to become persistent. The same applies to the bats, it is not proper to use techniques that are fatal, expensive and not worth it to animals that are very innocent and at some point helpful.

The most efficient method to get rid of bats is to get hold of the experts who will be at your doorstep and help you evacuate the San Diego bat. You can also do it yourself and there is no need to instigate ways that are illegal. You can use your hands to capture the bats and handle them carefully, you can be patient and wait for them to leave at their own time, you can leave the windows and doors open because they can fly out at any moment or you can come up with traps that will not hurt the animal in any way especially killing them.

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