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  • San Diego Educational Article of the Month - Facts About California Colonizing Bats

Facts About Colonizing Bats

Bats are the only mammals with ability to fly as their forelimb is represented with wings. There are more than 1240 different bat species presently discovered in the world. Bat classification is based on the food they eat. The ones that normally feed on fruits are known as frugivore San Diego bats and the ones that eat insects are known as insectivores. Colonizing the California bat is just one bat specie in the world.

California Colonizing Bat Appearance
Bats are very important in the ecosystem as they help in flower pollination as well as seed dispersion. The body size of San Diego bats differs from specie to another ranging from 29 – 34mm in length, 15 cm wing spans and they weigh about 2 to 2.6 grams. They have different body colors including red, tan, brown, black and grey. Bats have poor eyesight but they are not blind completely. Colonizing California Bats’ excellent sense of hearing and smell simply cover their lack of eyesight. They are mostly nocturnal and always shunt in the night and also can fly as far a 800 km in search of food.

California Colonizing Bats Biology and Life Cycle
Colonizing San Diego bats normally breed base on the nature of climate they are into. They only breed when they known that the climate is conducive for them and their baby to survive. Also, bats only give birth to one offspring at a time and can birth three types in a year. The baby California bats normally get attention of their mother till they are matured enough to fly around and search for food.

Colonizing Bats Habitat and Behavior
Colonizing San Diego bats usually fly which made it easy for them to travel to all parts of the world unlike other mammals. One of the thing bats normally consider before selecting habitat is availability of roots where they can hibernate and rest during the day. They also select their habitat in a place with large supply of their foods like insects and others. So, they can be found in the hollow of trees, roots of trees and others. Bats also have good social life and can easily care for their babies. More so, they normally move in group while searching for food.

Colonizing Bat Diet
Majority of bat species are insectivores which means that they feed on insect and some of them still feed on fruits. Some bait species also feed on flower nectar. The ability of California bats to eat thousands of mosquitoes and other insects within few minutes is what made them protected species in most parts of the world.

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